Pain Perdu

I first tried this dish in Balthazar, and I fell in love with it. The crispy exterior, the warm soft interior, and the caramel’s sweet flavor make quite a combination. I experimented with this french dessert for a while until I was able to reach the original flavor that I tasted in the restaurant. Pain Perdu can … Continue reading Pain Perdu

Lentil Salad

My youngest daughter is a vegetarian, so it is always hard to ensure that she takes the required amount of proteins in her diet. This dish saves me the trouble because it has so many nutrients and vitamins! Not only is it nutritious, but it is also extremely light and can work as a side … Continue reading Lentil Salad

Orange Cake with Syrup

Orange cake is probably the first cake I ever made, and I still find it the perfect dessert to have alongside my afternoon cup of coffee. It is a straightforward and easy dessert to make, and you can serve it differently. Here, I covered it with a sweet, lemony syrup. Ingredients Orange Cake 2 cups … Continue reading Orange Cake with Syrup

Swiss Chard Cake

This recipe takes a bit more time than the traditional stuffed Swiss chard “selik” recipe. However, it takes far less preparation time and effort. And when it comes to presentation, this simple dish would steal the lights at any feast. Best part: It lasts for three days in the fridge and still tastes as new! Ingredients 20 Swiss … Continue reading Swiss Chard Cake

Mortadella Roses

I always say that presentation is key. Presenting a dish in a beautiful way makes the food all the more inviting, and these mortadella roses are a great example. They taste amazing, and they look very appetizing on a platter. These roses serve as a wonderful addition to any table during birthdays or gatherings. Ingredients: Dough … Continue reading Mortadella Roses