Spicy Tahini Fish – Samkeh Harra

4 thoughts on “Spicy Tahini Fish – Samkeh Harra”

  1. Manal! This is Nivin from Instagram. First of all I want to congrats u on your fantastic blog, mashaAllahit is so organized easy to read and understandable recipes. I am so glad that you are half Palestinian, because I am. Reading your biography makeys me fee that we have a lot of things in common, it makes me anxious to get to know you in person. I hope someday we will! I have a question about this recipe: do you use coriander or cilantro?
    Best regards!


    1. Hello Nivin! Thank you for your words! I’m still new at the blogging world! Hope I’ll get to your stage soon! It warms my heart to know you are Palestinian! Consider you have a home and sister in Beirut! As for this recipe, yes I do use fresh coriander or cilantro in the final stages as it turns black quickly. I find that “Kizbara Khadra” really brings this dish together.

      Manal 🙂


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