Chunky Fig And Vanilla Jam

Not your typical fig jam, this Vanilla Orange Fig version surely satisfies everyone: from the young to the old, from the traditional to the experimental. It got everyone’s approval here! Those ingredients worked beautifully together creating a subtle twist to the all-time favorite! Ingredients 1 kg fresh whole figs, unpeeled, cut into eight wedges 1/2 … Continue reading Chunky Fig And Vanilla Jam

Lavender Cake

My family likes having something sweet with our afternoon cup of coffee or tea. So I always try making cakes because they are both tasty and quick! I wanted to try something new for a change, and I came across the recipe of Lavender Cake in the Abundance book, a cookbook made by the Worldwide … Continue reading Lavender Cake


The presence of Maamoul is a must in so many celebrated holidays. These delicate small “cookies” are loved by all because they can be filled by so many different ingredients: almonds, pistachios, walnuts, dates, figs, apples… Below, I share the basic maamoul recipe that could be used for all different kinds of fillings. Ingredients: 500 … Continue reading Maamoul