Swiss Chard Cake

This recipe takes a bit more time than the traditional stuffed Swiss chard “selik” recipe. However, it takes far less preparation time and effort. And when it comes to presentation, this simple dish would steal the lights at any feast. Best part: It lasts for three days in the fridge and still tastes as new! Ingredients 20 Swiss … Continue reading Swiss Chard Cake

Mortadella Roses

I always say that presentation is key. Presenting a dish in a beautiful way makes the food all the more inviting, and these mortadella roses are a great example. They taste amazing, and they look very appetizing on a platter. These roses serve as a wonderful addition to any table during birthdays or gatherings. Ingredients: Dough … Continue reading Mortadella Roses

Red Berries with Pistachio Cake and Vanilla Cream

I tried this dessert in Cavali Cafe and fell in love with it. The flavor of the pistachio cake works perfectly with the tangy, sweet flavor of the wild berries added to this dish: strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The color combination is bright and inviting. This heavenly combination pushed me to experiment with this dish at home, … Continue reading Red Berries with Pistachio Cake and Vanilla Cream

French Macarons

I absolutely love macarons. I have tried so many recipes trying to perfect them, and this has to be the easiest one yet. This recipe guarantees perfectly round macarons that have a crispy layer and a chewy interior. This recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart. Ingredients: 1 1/4 cups finely chopped almonds (in the mixer) … Continue reading French Macarons


The Muhallabiyeh is a famous Mediterranean dessert. Each country has it slightly different. Each person would garnish and embellish the cup in his/her own way. Pistachios, walnuts, hazelnut and different jams make each cup a different taste. The essence remains the same: condensed sweet milk with an oriental aura that leaves everyone satisfied. Ingredients: 6 … Continue reading Muhallabiyeh